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Screening Interviews
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  • Hire 3x Faster
  • Reduce Recruiters’ Workload by 90%
  • Never Miss the Perfect Talent Again
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Our Story

Born from the need to modernize IT recruitment, EquaTalent quickly embraced AI as the solution. We are on a mission to automate the entire recruitment pipeline, offering companies a smarter, faster way to hire tech talent. With our AI-powered virtual recruiter, you can say goodbye to lengthy processes and human biases. Join us in revolutionizing IT recruitment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where everyone has equal opportunities during the recruitment process, regardless of the quality of their CVs. With our AI automation, companies can significantly reduce their time-to-hire and ensure that no talents slip through the cracks in the recruitment pipeline.


EquaTalent leverages advanced AI algorithms to automate your entire IT recruitment pipeline. From intelligent CV screening to dynamic interviews and assessments, our platform does it all—no human intervention required. Built to evolve, our technology adapts to new advancements, ensuring a continually improving recruitment experience.

Who are we

How it works


Upload Job Description

Input your job postings or descriptions into our platform. Our AI starts crafting the perfect set of screening and technical interview questions instantly.


Let AI Do the Recruiting

Our AI-powered virtual recruiter conducts CV screening and real-time video interviews — no human intervention is required.


Review Top Matches

Get a ranked list of the best-fit candidates based on AI analytics, ready for your final review and decision-making.


We Know You Speak Numbers. So Do We.

Time-to-Hire Cut in Half

Automate your recruitment pipeline and fill roles in half the usual time.

Reduce Hiring Costs by 30%

Save up to 30% on hiring expenses with our automated recruitment stages.

300% more candidates

Screen, interview, and assess three times as many candidates, enriching your talent pool.


AI-Driven Virtual Video Recruiter

Screening and technical Interviews are conducted entirely by a virtual recruiter who acts and speaks similarly to a real human recruiter, requiring no human resources and offering an authentic interview experience.

Intelligent Analytics And Match Score

Comprehensive candidate profiles are generated through proprietary AI algorithms that evaluate verbal responses, body language, and micro-expressions. Each candidate is assigned a percentage match score to the job posting,

Revolutionary Scalability in Recruitment

Break free from the constraints of traditional hiring processes. With EquaTalent, conduct an unlimited number of interviews simultaneously, ensuring you don't miss out on top talent.

How it works

"The most innovative and efficient product in the recruitment market"

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EquaTalent, Inc.

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